1 10.02.2017 2:00- 3:00 pm Implementation of a standardized 6 weeks residential Palliative Care course for Doctors and Nurses in India – preliminary 2 years results and amp; outcomes Dr.Suresh Reddy
2 11.02.2017 09:00- 10:00 am Assessment of knowledge, attitute and practice of Oncologists regarding End of Life care: Survey in a Tertiary Cancer centre Dr. Lipika Patra
3 11.02.2017 2:00- 3:00 pm An evaluation of nurse prescribing in palliative care in Uganda: a mixed methods study Prof. Julia Dowing

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Non -communicable disease and palliative care needs: A survey of a rural hospital in Nepal. Author: Ms.Manju BK Patient's perceptions about sexual health in women with cancer Author:  Dr. Archana Sampath Change in adaptive behaviours of chronically ill children through psychosocial intervention. Author:  Dr. Janaki K.Neelakantan
Development of Palliative care serviced in Nepal: An oral history project. Author:  Ms. Regina Basnyat Barriers in family care givers participation in cancer wound management Author:  Dr. Vivek Nirbhawane Health Care Provider's perceptions of interpersonal and psychological needs among terminally ill cancer patients during the End of life Care: A qualiative study. Author: Mr. Nishal Pinto
Community Palliative Care planning: An education programme for undergraduate medical stidents. Author:  Dr. Alan Barnard Knowledge of hospice and attitute towards hospice admission in patients with advanced cancer in palliative medicine setting Indian Socio- cultural context Author:  Dr. Gauraiya Chinchalker Enchancind the Quantity and Quality of Palliative Care Volunteers in Bangalore. Author:  Mr. Pillalamari Sridhar
Collaborative working between a hospice delivering a home care service and a dental college in Rishikesh, North India. Author: Dr.Brenda Ward Informed consent: The use &relevance of multimedia Author: Dr.Ravindra Ghooi Idea Of Good Death – Differences between the terminally ill and the Health care providers. Author: Dr.Sneha M
Palliative care in conflict; a novel undergraduate medical curriculum in Gaza. Author:  Dr. Moihra Leng Innovation, learing &adaptation: The Village &Gram Panchayat Model Author:  Dr. Sanghamitra A Bora Caring for the Professional Care Providers: Felt Needs and Challenges in Cancer Palliative Care Centre. Author:  Dr.Amanpreet kaur

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Breaking bad news : Guidelines for a culture sensitive approach. Author: Ms.Bhuvaneshwari B Effectiveness of varman in inducing sleep in end stage renal disease patients undergoing maintenance dialysis. Author:  Dr. Gayathri Assessment of Effective Communication by nurses in Palliative Care Patients. Author: Mrs.Laxmi Patil
Audit of home care service – Timeliness of first home visit post referral. Author:  Dr. Devina Garg Effect of supportive psychotherapy on mental health status &QOL of cancer patients receiving second or subsequent line of chemotherapy. Author:  Dr. Koustav Mazumder Disseminating research into practice : early palliative care video. Author: Dr. Scott A Murray
Outcomes among patients supported by specialist palliative care services in Mulago hospital. Author: Dr.J Turyahikayo Play therapy in Paediatric Palliative care. Author:  Ms. Vineela Rapelli Nurses concerns following the introduction and implementation of a care plan for the dying patient. Author:  Ms. Maria Sonia Louis
Self – monitoring of a newly started palliative care clinic at a teaching hospital in rural Gujarat, India. Author:  Dr. Dinesh Kumar Caregiver's spiritual distress- Paediatric Cancer Context in India – counselor's perspective. Author:  Mr. Ganapathy K V Factors affecting Medication Compliance in Home Care Setting. Author:Ms. Radhika Agarwal
issues relating to caring for patients with brain tumors in an inpatient hospice setting. Author:  Ms. Maria Sonia Louis Bowel obstruction in cancer cervix. Author:  Dr. Susan Shekinah Palliative Surgeries in Oncology. Author:  Dr. Mohanraj
    Assessment of probable Neuropathic Pain. Author:  Dr. Nagamani Sen

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The multidimensional experiences and needs of Ugandan Heart Failure patients over their illness course. Author:  Dr. Elizabeth Namukwaya Treatments given to paients in the last month of their lives at a Regional Cancer Centre in India. Author: Dr. Jean Jacob Malignant pleural effusion among palliative care out patients: Does LENT prognostic score have a role? Author:  Dr. Jenifer Jeba
Extending Effective Palliative Care to CKD Patients. Author:  Ms. Jyothi Jayan Warrier End of life care in patients with brain tumour: An occupational therapy approach. Author: Dr. Sheetal Gupta Finding reasons of non-referrals to specialist palliative care by oncologists. Author:  Dr. Sanghamitra Bora
Palliative needs of stroke patients in an Indian tertiary care setting-Doctors perspective. Author:  Dr. Jacob Lloyd Assessing Standard of EOLC in a Hospice. Author: Dr.Manjula BV Management of chemo radiation induced mucositis in head and neck cancers with oral glutamine. Author:  Dr. Sumita Mohanty
Working for palliative care : the inner journey of palliative care professionals Author:  Ms. Nadini thatte Quality of life and perceived social support, among cancer caregivers. Author: Dr.Veena Shukla Mishra A clinical auditof the pain management and its documentation among the patients receiving care at an oncology centre of a teaching hospital in rural Gujarat, India. Author:  Dr. Dinesh Kumar


S.No Author Topics Poster ID
1 Abhinav Singh Seeking god in a time of grief: A personal perspective PP/10/01
2 D Bhoopathy Factors influencing the initiation of strong opioids in cancer patients on palliative care: An audit from a tertiary cancer centre in India PP/10/02
3 Arya Jith To assess distress in patients undergoing maintanance haemodialysis PP/10/03
4 Pankaj Singhai Study of resilience and its relation with quality of life in caregivers of patients with advanced cancer PP/10/05
5 Babu Abraham Impact of public awareness program in palliative care- A model project by pallium India PP/10/06
6 D Bhoopathy The need and necessity of spiritual counsetors in palliative care set up PP/10/07
7 Asoke Mathew Electrochemotherapy: an effective palliative measure for superficial localised lesions PP/10/08
8 Roja Rekha Work stress among employees working in a private hospital with reference to christian medical college, Vellore PP/10/09
9 Jyothi Jayan Warrier Engaging students and youth in community palliative care PP/10/10
10 Racheal Eleanor Anderson What is the global palliative care services in Nepal PP/10/ 11
11 Daniel Munday Review of palliative care services in Nepal PP/10/12
12 Thotampuri Shanthi Prasoona Improving malodour management in advance cancer : A ten- year retrospective study of topical, oral and maintenance metronidazole PP/10/13
13 Mhoira Leng An evaluation of the impact of the makerere palliative care unit research network and capacity building PP/10/14
14 Alan Barnard Defining the challenges in holistic palliative care provision: Opportunities for comprehensive care PP/10/15
15 Ashita Singh End of life care issues in rural tribal communities of north- west Maharashtra PP/10/16
16 Priya Treesa Thomas Psychosocial aspects in neurodegenerative disorders: A model for service delivery PP/10/17
17 Brenda Ward The impact of a palliative care spiritual intervention program on patients well-being through a north India domicilliary care hospice service. PP/10/18
18 Nandini Thatte Group theraphy as an instrument in facilitating social support for breast cancer out patients: An exploratory study PP/10/19
19 Dinesh Chandra Goswami Learning to be self aware PP/10/20
20 Sheeba R S Palliative care coverage – Role of pallium India PP/10/21
21 Biji M S Overall survival analysis of patients with brain metastases treated with palliative WBRT in a tertiary cancer centre of north Kerala: An audit PP/10/22
22 Nivedita Page Epidural analgesia and the pain cycle PP/10/23
23 Aanchal Satija Sleep hours as predictor of quality of life in cancer pain patients PP/10/24
24 Joseph Jothimani Deciding right in palliative cre PP/10/25
25 Julia Downing Extension of the palliative care link nurse programme from the national referral hospitals to hospitals throught the country PP/10/26
26 Aswin Joy Effect of palliative care on pain and quality of life in cancer patients PP/10/27
27 Pandnya talawadekar Need assesment of children and their caregivers with different life limiting conditions and planning palliative care as per the disease trajectory PP/10/28
28 Sherin wilfred Education support- social rehabilitation for patients and children at pallium india PP/10/29
29 Thomas Thaniyan Pattern of analgesic use and extend of pain relief in chronic patients under home based palliative care PP/10/30
30 Divy Sharma The need for integrated care to address medical and psychosocialconcerns among long stay patients at aHIV palliative care centre PP/10/31
31 Rebeka marri Accommodating disability with dignity- lymphoedema treatement in end of life care PP/10/32
32 Ravi prasad Varma P A power of walking &exercise to debate patients and caregivers: Agency to nagotiate end of life care in current medical and legal paradigm in india PP/10/33
33 Manjusha Nair Effectiveness of initial counseling regarding disease and treatment to parents of children with  cancer and assessment of their psycosocial response PP/10/34
34 Paramesh Gorkhal Strengthening forward backward linkages between palliative care centre and other tertiary care centres for effective management of episodes of acutr illness among people living with HIV PP/10/35
35 Sakthi Prasad K B Impact of an educational program on paraental knowledge of cerebral palsy PP/10/36
36 Veena Shukla Mishra Quality of life and perceived social support, among cancer caregivers PP/10/37
37 Mohita Chaturvedi Bereavement and social response: need for an alternative system PP/10/38
38 Nikhil N K End of life problems of patients PP/10/39
39 Gajendran T Spot light on spinal crd injury PP/10/40
40 Shoba Nair Will health care professionals consider advance directives for themselves in the event of a terminal disease – A cross sectional study in an academic institution PP/10/41
41 Kumar Abhishek Advocating for palliative care in efforts to promote universal health converge and essential medicines policies PP/10/42
42 Lakshmi Prabha A study on psychological distress among gynaecological cancer patients on diagnosis using the distress thermometer PP/10/43
43 Sulekha K HIV specific issues to be addressed in post berevement support visits to family members PP/10/45

S.No Author Topics Poster ID
S.No Author Topic Poster ID
1 Annie jacob Self-care practices and professional quality of life of oncology professionals in a tertiary care hospital. PP/11/01
2 Debasweta purkayastha Quality of Life in breast cancer patients and its association with depression PP/11/02
4 Anne mattam Home based lymphedema care PP/11/04
5 Vijyalakshmi Role of Neuro linguistic Progamming in Palliative Care PP/11/05
6 Ravinder mohan Why some patients are oral morphine non compliant? PP/11/06
7 D Bhoopathy The importance Volunteers presence in the Total palliative Care Structure PP/11/07
8 Komal kashyap Scrambler therapy manages cancer pain and improves quality of life PP/11/08
9 Maria sonia louis Challenges in setting up a care plan for the end of life PP/11/09
10 Eleanor swarbrick Based on the prevalence of non-communicable diseases, what is the projected need for palliative care in Nepal? PP/11/10
11 Vatsala s Utility of Charcoal in palliative care PP/11/11
12 Daniel munday Adapting the Supportive and Palliative Care Indicator Tool (SPICT) for use in rural Nepal PP/11/12
13 K Snell A Palliative Care Curriculum Toolkit: A practical guide to integrating palliativecare into Health Professional Education PP/11/13
14 Manjusha warrier g End of life care: Perceived needs of spouse caregivers of persons living with motor neuron disease PP/11/14
15 Suguna e Identifying people who need palliative care services in the field practice areas of urban Tamil Nadu- a survey PP/11/15
16 Vijaya tn Quality of death in advanced cancer patients and bereavement support to their family members during home visits in the neighborhood of Chennai PP/11/16
17 Jubin p jose Psychological aspects in palliative care PP/11/17
18 Divya t An Analysis of referral pattern to palliative care clinic PP/11/18
19 Vinay naik Identifying barriers for a palliative care team to initiate spiritual conversations PP/11/19
20 Vinayagamoorthy Review of community based palliative care services initiated at the urban field practice area of a medical college in Puducherry from various stakeholders’ perspective – a qualitative approach. PP/11/20
21 Vinay naik Diversion activity: a tool to facilitate caregiver coping PP/11/21
22 Nivedita page Trans mucosal ketamine for the relief of cancer wound dressing pain in patients with oral cancer PP/11/22
23 Ravindra ghooi Dietary support towards end of life PP/11/23
24 Sunitha p Family training PP/11/24
25 Surajpal singh Treatment satisfaction in cancer pain patients in a tertiary care hospital in india PP/11/25
26 Piyush gupta Understanding role of spirituality in palliative care PP/11/26
27 Anjaneyulu konda Ensuring availability of opioid medicines while minimizing misuse: a process report from mnjio &rcc PP/11/27
28 Amy siew Care at the end of life – a review of deaths in hospital PP/11/28
29 Ashla rani m p Rehabilitation and palliative care – being a user and provider PP/11/29
30 Divya sharma Participatory approach to developing tools to assess patient experience of care and its impact on quality of care PP/11/30
31 Sarika sane Understanding demographic distribution pattern in advanced cancer patients at jiv daya foundation supported centres in india PP/11/31
32 Sreedevi warrier Professional oral care services in a specialist palliative care setting in a hospice in south india PP/11/32
33 Varun shekhar Gender-wise association of daily opioid doses in cancer pain patients. PP/11/33
34 Athul joseph manuel Establishing a palliative care- link nurse program – process and outcome PP/11/34
35 Sharada yecharappa The need for regular pain assessment and monitoring as part of comprehensive hiv care PP/11/35
36 Madhav g. desai Palliative (pain) management in cancer patients by non conventional and non invasive methods PP/11/36
37 Kirubakaran s An experience of initiating palliative care unit at aarupadai veedu medical college and hospital, pondicherry PP/11/37
38 Vatsala srinivasan  The utility of silver in palliative care PP/11/38
39 Bindu nair Novel experience of a volunteer in palliative care PP/11/39
40 M  M  Sunilkumar Role of emergency home care service in palliative care- alpha palliative care experience PP/11/40
41 jothimani Does seeing death everyday reduce death anxiety in nurses? PP/11/41
42 Swarna lakshmi QOL in breast cancer patients PP/11/42
43 Surbhi bhagat Lowback pain survey (lbp) of nursing staff in a corporate hospital in coimbatore, tamilnadu, india. (gmail) PP/11/43
44 Durgapoorna menon Translation and linguistic validation of fact br quality of life instrument from english to malayalam – the process & challenges PP/11/44
45 Himadri tripathi Effect of physiotherapy on quality of life in pediatric palliative care PP/11/45